Ten Commandments of Clutter -Room for Joy

The average person takes 52 minutes daily searching for things they can’t find. Making it essential to learn these ten commandments of clutter.

This loss of time and energy, not to mention the stress involved, can add up quickly and substantially impact our well-being.

Your home should be a sanctuary that brings you joy.

But clutter can quickly become an overwhelming and disorganized mess that doesn’t support your well-being. And let’s not forget dirty or sticky floors.

So, how do you ensure the space around you is organized, inviting and clean?

It all starts with decluttering—not just putting things away but learning how to think differently about the items in your home. To get started on this critical journey, here are the Ten Commandments of Clutter to help guide you.

The Ten Commandments of Clutter You Should Follow

Lest’s make room for happiness with these simple ten commandments of clutter.

Thou Shall Declutter Regularly

The key to living a life of joy and minimal stress starts with taking control of your stuff. Decluttering regularly is similar to going to the gym for your mental health.

You get stronger the 

more often, you do it. Instead of letting the clutter pile up and getting bogged down, set aside some time every month. Better yet, you can have a decluttering session every week. 

An easy way to start is by creating four piles: “Keep,” “Donate,” “Trash,” and “Recycle.”

Start small; choose one room and work your way through it. Move from top to bottom in each area—like that cluttered desk or overflowing bathroom cabinet—and ask yourself if each item brings you joy before deciding what pile it belongs to.

When it comes to organization, compartmentalize whenever possible.

Purchase storage solutions for items that won’t fit into drawers or cupboards. Opt for stackable containers for toiletries and invest in boxes for small knick-knacks that quickly become clutter magnets.

That way, everything stays orderly and keeps the mess away—allowing room in your physical space and mind for joy!

Thou Shall Store Items Vertically

Time to get organized! That means making the most of your space, especially regarding storage.

Sure, you can chuck boxes in the back of the closet, but why not use every inch and store the items vertically?

It’s not only interior designers and professional organizers who can complete this task—it can be done with minimal effort and maximum results.

Stacking items vertically is a great way to save valuable floor space and even make items easier to find.

For example, if you have several sets of books, you can pair similar ones together and line them up on adjacent shelves. You can also stack magazines, scrapbooks, boxes, and other objects in your closets.

The trick is to start small, like organizing one drawer at a time.

And remember: If it doesn’t fit neatly into a vertical configuration, it doesn’t belong there!

Thou Shall Have a Place for Everything

It’s true what they say: everything should have its place. Look around your house—do you see chaos, clutter, or neat and organized lines?

It can be overwhelming to think about tidying up your home, but make like Marie Kondo and remind yourself that “the space in which we live is meant for the person we are becoming, not for the person we were in the past.”

To get started on having a place for everything and following the ten commandments of clutter, here are some tips for tidying up your abode:

Declutter Room by Room

Go through each room methodically and one at a time.

It should be a fun adventure that points out treasures (or not-so-treasures).

Have three bins: one for tossing out items, one for donating items, and one for keeping things. Be sure to recycle or donate whenever possible.

Put Everyday Items Within Arm’s Reach

Do you use certain items daily, like reading glasses or coffee mugs?

Set up each room so that these items are easily accessible; maybe use drawer dividers or shelves to organize them so they’re easy to grab before you rush out of the house every morning.

Create Cozy Nooks & Niches

Everybody has that spot in their home where they want to snuggle up with a good book or just lounge away an afternoon.

Create cozy nooks that fit your lifestyle—bookshelves full of your favorite novels, comfy blankets, or even stringing lights from beams in the ceiling.

After all, why clutter when you can decorate?

Thou Shall Not Keep Duplicates

The fourth commandment is not to keep duplicates of items. Do you need four mops in your house?

Or how about five pairs of scissors?

Unless you are a professional mop-er (which, let’s face it–probably doesn’t exist) or hoarder of scissors, you do not need four mops and five pairs of scissors.

Of all the things to eliminate, duplicates are the easiest place to start.

After all, who needs two ketchup bottles in the pantry when one will suffice?

Even if everything is put away neatly and collected in the same area, like old sentimental items, it can still be hard to locate an item if you have multiple.

Yet, you can save significant time and space by eliminating duplicates!

So take some time to go through your kitchen, closet, and storage areas to discover the duplicates you have.

For a good rule of thumb, commit to having no more than two similar items in circulation; any extra should be given away or sold so others can use them!

Thou Shall Purge Seasonally

It’s a good idea to go through your items seasonally and remove stuff you don’t need or use.

It will help you quickly manage changes and ensure you only keep the stuff that matters most.

It will help you stay on top of changes in what you do have and don’t have and ensure that you only keep the stuff that matters most. 

Below are several tips to help you with the seasonal purge:

Invest in quality: 

If you’re looking for items that can easily be replaced without dipping into your wallet too much, invest in quality items for those essential spots around your home.

Quality items will last much longer than cheaper alternatives, helping save money in the long run.


Donate anything that still works but is no longer needed to charity or another person who may need it more than you do. 


If an item still has value, consider selling it online or at second-hand stores rather than getting rid of it completely—it may make the process a little easier, and bring some extra cash with it too!

By taking these steps periodically throughout the year, you can ensure your home is free from clutter and make room for joy!

Thou Shall Be Ruthless When Donating

Commandment 6 says that you need to be ruthless when donating. If it’s not a yes, it’s a no.

That means that if something isn’t bringing you joy or actively hurting you to look at, it needs to go. No excuses! Think of the charity shop volunteers who want to avoid dealing with double the clutter because of your junk.

The questions below help you know when something needs to go.

Have you it in the past two years?

Does it still work/function?

Are there any sentimental attachments?

Is it beautiful/functional?

Do you already have too many of these items?

Could your friend or family member benefit from it more than you can?

Is the item expensive enough to sell instead of donating?

If the answer to any question above is ‘no,’ then put that item in a donation box and never look back!

Keep only items that bring value in your life—things that spark joy and make your home a welcoming place for all who enter. Donating things will bring joy into other people’s lives, making room for more joy in yours in return!

Thou Shall Not Keep What You Don’t Love

The seventh commandment of clutter is simple but profound: Thou shall not keep what you don’t love.

Keeping things around simply because you feel obligated adds to the mess and drains energy. Besides, why keep something that doesn’t make you happy?

It takes up valuable space if it has not been used in a year (or more) and doesn’t bring joy.

Letting go of items that don’t have sentimental or practical value is an integral part of decluttering and allowing happiness into your life.

It’s advisable to take a few moments and reflect.

Everyone has things that aren’t being used or being taken care of. Such items should go first, so you can make room for something new that brings you greater happiness.

Finally, remember this: “Decluttering isn’t about hating what you have.

It’s about loving yourself enough to let go of things that don’t serve you to make room for joy!

Thou Shall Follow the “One In, One Out” Rule

You can keep clutter from accumulating by following the “one in, one out” rule.

Every time you add something new, something else should go out. The idea is that you keep only the genuinely essential items that bring joy.

It may sound extreme, but it helps declutter your space efficiently. Also, remember these rules to avoid piling too much stuff around your home.

Rules to follow:

Before bringing something new in — evaluate if it’s essential and will bring joy.

Once you’re done evaluating and deciding on what item(s) you want to bring in — figure out an item that can be given away or thrown away from existing items in your home or workspace.

Don’t wait for one big purge session — be proactive and practice this “one in, one out” approach regularly and consistently.

This rule allows you to stay organized without getting overwhelmed by everything you need to do at once. Plus, it keeps all of your belongings at a steady level, avoiding clutter build-up!

Thou Shall Use Smart Storage Solutions

Investing in smart storage solutions is essential for ensuring your space stays uncluttered.

Not only will you save time by having an organized space, but you can prevent yourself from losing critical items. You could also make your possessions look nice in the process!

Regarding storage solutions, it’s all about finding solutions that fit your lifestyle.

Consider what items you need and what storage system would work best. A couple of ideas below should get you started:

Invest in shelves and stackable containers

It is a great way to maximize vertical space since shelves and containers can be mounted on walls or left freestanding. Plus, they look sleek and modern!

Use baskets or mason jars

These aesthetically pleasing items can be used for storing all kinds of knick-knacks, from crafts to office supplies—and who doesn’t love a splash of color?

Try rolling racks or carts

These mobile storage units are ideal for larger items like plants and art supplies that need the extra room or don’t fit on shelves or cabinets.

Having storage solutions that fit your lifestyle will make decluttering much easier—and having a system in place helps keep it that way!

Thy Home Is Thy Sanctuary

Your home is more than a place to rest. It’s your sanctuary. Making it clutter-free becomes a source of joy and a safe haven from the outside world. 

Your home and everything in it should give off good vibes, with items that make you smile when you see them or evoke emotions of nostalgia and comfort.

Setting up your living space with intention creates a healthy and inspiring atmosphere — allowing you to live your best life!

Prioritize Simplicity

When organizing the items in your home, start with the basics.

Get rid of anything unimportant to make room for things that bring joy. Resist the urge to buy too much furniture or décor — instead, choose timeless pieces that will last for years.

Less is truly more when it comes to making room for joy!

Set Boundaries

Declutter is ultimately about creating boundaries — learning what not to bring into your home can be just as important as knowing what should stay.

Anything that doesn’t bring positive energy into your environment should be cut out entirely, whether items of clothing or other material possessions like toys, books, magazines, etc.

Trust yourself—you know what’s best for you!

Regularly practicing these commandments of clutter will transform your home into a peaceful sanctuary that brings more joy. And who doesn’t want more happiness?

Take Away on The Ten Commandments of Clutter

Letting go of clutter can make your home a sanctuary for joy and productivity rather than a source of struggle and stress.

To make that transformation, you’ll need to rearrange your thinking and follow these ten commandments of clutter.

This is about the things you own and your relationship with them. Clear out items you no longer need and be mindful of new purchases.

Declutter regularly and make room for joy in your life.

These ten commandments will guide you to reduce clutter and create a calmer and more productive atmosphere in your home.

These simple steps are all it takes to get started on the path to a clutter-free life.

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