How to Patch an Air Mattress with Duct Tape

Throwing a punctured air mattress into the trash bin can be tempting. However, how to patch an air mattress with duct tape is easy with these simple steps.

I am here to show you how to patch an air mattress with duct tape.

It involves six easy steps with materials you already have lying around the house.

The results are often practical and long-lasting if you are willing to do it correctly. Who knows, you’ll even be able to save that old air mattress from going into the dumpster.

Gather Your Patching Supplies

Are you ready to patch an air mattress with duct tape and make it as good as new? Gather the following supplies to get started. That includes sharp scissors, cloth, and duct tape.

You can follow these guides:

Gather your patching supplies: duct tape, sharp scissors, and cloth.

Measure the area to be patched and cut the fabric accordingly.

Cut two pieces of duct tape slightly larger than the patch!

Lay the pieces of sticky tape side up parallel to each other.

Place the cloth onto one of the pieces of duct tape.

Place the other part of duct tape on top of the material. This will sandwich it in between both slices of the tape.

Press it firmly so that you seal all edges and you have a solid patch

Locate and Inspect the Hole or Leak in Your Air Mattress

You must inspect it thoroughly to determine what kind of repair is required. Once you have found the leak in your air mattress it is easy to fix. Start by making sure the spot is spotless and dry.

Then, look closely at the hole and its surroundings; are there any frayed edges or exposed wires? If so, these must be taken care of before attempting any repair.

Next, determine the material of your air mattress.

Doing so is essential in choosing the correct patch. Generally speaking, you’ll want to use an adhesive patch. A good option is duct tape or Gorilla Tape if it’s a rubber inflatable air mattress.

However, if it’s a fabric-covered air mattress, you should opt for a fabric patch kit instead.

Once you’ve identified the material of your air mattress and inspected the hole closely, move on to the next step. Which involves gathering your supplies.

Clean and Rough Up the Area around the Hole

The next step in patching an air mattress is to clean and rough up the area around the hole. It will help ensure that the patch adheres appropriately.

First, use a damp cloth to remove dirt or dust in and around the hole. Then clean up the area with Purex detergent.

Next, use sandpaper or a coarse scouring pad to lightly rough the area around the hole. It will create friction which will help the patch stick better and last longer.

This also helps to make an “X” pattern on the surface around where your patch will go. As a result, giving more surface area for it to adhere to when you place it over the hole.

Cut a Patch of Duct Tape and Cloth to Cover the Hole

After identifying the hole in your air mattress, measure it to get the exact size of the patch.

Then cut a piece of duct tape that is at least 1 inch larger all the way around than the size of the hole after determining its size.

Ensure it is large enough to cover all edges of the duct tape. Then place it sticky-side up on a flat surface and cut a cloth that fits over the duct tape.

After that, place the cloth on top of the duct tape to avoid wrinkles or gaps between them. Then press it firmly with your fingers or a flat object to ensure they stick together. Your patch is now ready!

Apply the Duct Tape Patch over the Hole, Press Firmly

The fifth step in patching an air mattress with duct tape is to apply the patch over the hole, pressing firmly.

Apply it with even pressure to ensure a secure patch job that won’t come undone.

Ensure the repair material is stuck securely so there are no gaps or tears between the duct tape and the hole.

Adding extra pressure through a rolling pin or similar objects can help create a stronger bond between the patch and air mattress material. It ensures you get maximum adhesion for your patch and will last longer.

You also want to be sure you’re pressing down on all borders of the tape to ensure it’s completely sealed for optimal protection against air leakage.

Re-Inflate Your Air Mattress and Check for Leaks

You need to re—inflate the mattress and check for leaks. This is once you have patched your air mattress with duct tape. Doing so is critical because it allows you to ensure that the patch holds and that there are no new leaks.

Here’s how to do it:

Plug in the air pump and attach it to the valve of your mattress. You want to ensure that it’s securely connected so that you don’t have any air escaping from the valve while inflating.

Turn on the pump and inflate your mattress until you reach your desired comfort level. It’s a good idea to check it regularly while you’re increasing to ensure that everything is working as intended and no new leaks appear as you go along.

Once inflated, please turn off the pump and unplug it from the valve.

Lay down on the mattress to check for leaking air pockets or weak spots in your patching job. Ensure you do this on both sides of your bed to get an even pressure distribution and a comfortable sleep experience.

If necessary, adjust or add extra duct tape in places with leaks or weak spots to get a good seal around your mattress.

Re-inflate as necessary until all leaks are gone, and you fully seal the patch.


Air mattresses don’t always have to be your source of stress. With the proper patience and knowledge, patching an air mattress with duct tape can be simple and effective.

Turn it inside out and use two small pieces of duct tape if it is giving you some trouble. Ensure you spare a few minutes and follow every step clearly for a better outcome. Try to work slowly to avoid making mistakes.

In that regard, try patching it with duct tape the next time you find yourself with a leaky air mattress. Besides, it is easy and affordable compared to purchasing another one.

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