How To Get Glitter Off The Floor; Nifty Tricks

Why is it so difficult to master an efficient method for removing glitter from floors? We must agree how to get glitter off the floor can be the most annoying cleaning chore.

That is because of how the glitter looks. It is tiny and sticky so that it can stick to anything.

Even after you believe you have gotten every bit of glitter off the floor, you may be surprised that it still sparkles in certain lighting conditions. This article details how to get glitter off the floor.

Cleaning Large Glitter Spills

What To Prepare:

Two sheets of heavy paper

Empty container

Brush with supple bristles


Scoop Up The Glitter

Put one of the cardboard squares at an angle next to the main body of the glitter. Put the glitter on the other piece of cardboard with the help of the other piece of cardboard. It could be likened to a broom in function.

Transfer The Glitter To A Container

Toss the glitter into the emptied container you set down beforehand. Keep going until all the glitters are in your container.

Finish Up

Collect as much glitter as possible using cardboard instead of a squeegee or broom. Then, using the soft brush, sweep up any stray glitter. The delicate bristles of the brush should be able to collect the remaining glitter.

Use A Lint Roller

What To Prepare:

A lint roller, or even two, if the clutter is substantial.

A roll of tape


Get As Much Of The Glitter Out Of The Way As You Can

Most of the glitter can be swept up using a broom or vacuum. The lint roller’s sole purpose is to sweep away any stray fibers.

Use The Lint Roller To Pick Up The Glitter Left Behind

Glitter may be picked up with a lint roller, whether it is on a smooth or textured surface. Use the lint roller as many times as necessary to smooth the surface.

Remove Adhesive Residue Using Alcohol

Using a lint roller will leave no sticky residue. However, you might make a mess if you use packing tape. Paper towels dampened with rubbing alcohol can remove sticky residue from surfaces after cleaning.

Use A Bit Of Adhesive Tape

Wrap some scotch tape around your hand and help yourself out. A sticky side out should be observed. You can pick up the glitters by patting your taped hand over them.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

What To Prepare:

A standard vacuum cleaner.


Start With A Thorough Vacuuming

Run your standard vacuum over the glitter pile to pick it up. This is the better option for cleaning up glitter from carpets and rugs. Most of the glitter can be vacuumed up with just a few passes.

And to ensure the glitter doesn’t spread in your subsequent cleaning routine, clean the vacuum attachments properly.

Brush Attachment For The Finishing Touch

Stop the vacuum and attach the brush tool. Next, take the brush and carefully run it through the carpet’s or rug’s fibers. This will shake loose any glitter stuck in the rug’s fibers. The vacuum can suck up the remaining glitter.

Use A Damp Rug

Static electricity keeps glitter stuck to tile or smooth surfaces, making them nearly impossible to sweep or vacuum.

What To Prepare:

A clean, fluffy rag.

Some water from the sink


Remove As Many Glitters As Possible

Pick up as much dropped glitter as possible using a vacuum, dustpan, and brush. Because of this, the following steps will be much less complicated.

Remove The Glitter Using A Damp Rag

Soak the rag in water from the sink and squeeze out all the liquid. Then, use the rag to clean the area thoroughly. The glitter will be removed from the surface with a moist rag.

Remove the glitter from the range by washing it with running water. You can do it as many times as you like.

Useful Advice

You can use packing tape instead of a lint roller if you do not have one. The packing tape’s adhesive is strong enough to remove even the most firmly adhered glitter.

Consider using coarse glitter to reduce the time spent cleaning up. Some even come in endearing forms. Your children will adore them, and you will appreciate the reduced mess they leave behind.

How To Keep Glitter From Getting Everywhere

While glitter is a delightful way to add a little glitz to your life, cleaning up afterward can be a real nuisance. However, following these instructions, you will not have to worry about glitter getting everywhere.

Contain The Glitter

Glitter can be contained, for the most part, to prevent it from spreading. Keep the glitter in one location using a tray, some paper, or a plastic container with a cover. Glitter will not be able to travel as far, and cleaning up will be a breeze.

Use A Glitter Glue

Because it is usually applied loosely and can easily fall off, glitter ends up everywhere.

To avoid this, use glitter glue to permanently adhere the glitter to the surface. Flaky bits will not be able to get into your clothes, furniture, or floors this way.

Apply Glitter Over A Sink Or Trash Can

Applying glitter to a creative item while standing over a garbage can or sink is a good idea. This will prevent glitter from scattering across your desk or floor and into the garbage.

Clean Up Immediately

Glitter gets harder to remove as time passes. It is essential to immediately begin cleaning up after using glitter.


While glitter is a fantastic way to add a little glitz to your life, cleaning up after use can be a real nuisance. Glitter may quickly get everywhere, but following these steps can prevent it from spreading and make cleanup a breeze.

Having learned to remove glitter from the floor, you should no longer fear or detest encountering glitter. Using these methods, you can have all the sparkles you desire without hassle.

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