Does Shout Have Bleach In It? What you need to know Before Using it

Have you ever wondered does Shout have bleach in it? You’re not alone.

With its strong smell and bright coloring, Shout must contain harsh chemicals to remove those tough stains.

The truth is that it does have bleaching agents, but not chlorine bleach.

The likes of hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate, and sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate. These are some of the active ingredients. So, is it still safe to use Shout on stained carpets?

While these are bleaches, they are non-chlorine bleaches considered more environmentally friendly and color-safe.

The key is that Shout contains oxygen-based bleaches rather than chlorine bleach.

So while Shout contains bleaching agents to help lift stains from fabrics, it does not have the harsh chlorine bleach in many household cleaners.

 The bleaches in Shout are weaker, safer for most fabrics, and will not damage or weaken fibers like chlorine bleach does.

So you can feel good about using Shout to pretreat stains and brighten loads of laundry.

Your favorite shirt is in good hands!

Does Shout Stain Remover Contain Bleach?

So does Shout stain remover contain bleach? The short answer is no; Shout does not contain bleach.

Shout is a non-chlorine bleach stain remover. It uses a combination of detergents, surfactants (surface active agents), and solvents to lift tough stains from fabrics.

The key ingredients in Shout are:


Help loosen the bonds between stains and fabrics, and some of the common detergents are sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.


Reduce the surface tension of water to help the detergents penetrate the fabric. Surfactants make water “wetter” to get into fibers more easily.


Dissolve certain stains to make them easier to remove. Common solvents in Shout are butoxyethanol and ethanolamine.


It helps prevent hard water minerals from interfering with the cleaning agents. The main builder in Shout is sodium carbonate.


Prevent mold and bacteria growth to allow the product to have a long shelf life, thanks to methylisothiazolinone and benzisothiazolinone.

Gentle on your clothes yet Powerful on stains

So while Shout does contain strong detergents and solvents, it is chlorine-free and color-safe when used as directed.

It can be used to pretreat and remove even tough protein stains and grease stains.

All this without the harsh effects of bleach. Shout is a very effective yet gentle alternative, perfect for bleed-prone fabrics.

Some variants of Shout do contain hydrogen peroxide, an oxidizing agent, so avoid using those on silk, wool, or other bleach-sensitive materials.

Guide for Effective Stain Removal on All Fabrics

For tough protein stains, pretreat as soon as possible before washing.

Apply a small amount of Shout directly to the stain and launder as usual using the warmest setting possible.

For dried-on stains, pretreat and soak the clothing in warm or hot water before washing.

With the proper techniques, Shout can work wonders on all stubborn stains with no harsh bleaches. Your laundry will be spotless and bright in no time!

FAQ: Common Questions About Shout and Bleach

Shout stain remover is a popular laundry booster, but does it contain bleach? Many people have questions about what’s in Shout and how it works.

Here are the most common FAQs:

Does Shout have bleach in it?

No, Shout does not contain chlorine bleach. Its non-chlorine bleach formula uses hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate, and detergents to lift tough stains from fabrics.

These ingredients are color-safe and won’t damage or fade clothes like chlorine bleach can.

Is Shout a detergent or a stain remover?

Shout is considered a laundry booster or stain remover. It should be used in addition to your regular detergent.

Apply Shout directly to stains before washing as directed, then wash the item of clothing, as usual, using your normal amount of detergent.

The detergent will wash away the dirt and odors, while the Shout helps lift set-in stains.

Can I use Shout in the bleach dispenser?

No, do not put it in the bleach dispenser.

It should be applied directly to stains before washing. Shout can then be washed away with the rest of your laundry in the same load using your regular detergent.

Putting Shout in the bleach dispenser could damage your washing machine over time.

Is Shout color-safe?

Yes, Shout stain removers are color-safe when used as directed. The non-chlorine bleach formula is designed to lift tough stains without damaging or fading fabrics.

However, as with any laundry product, you should always check the care label before using delicate materials.

Shout may not be suitable for certain specialty fabrics like silk, leather, or suede. A product with enzymatic stain fighters may work better for tough protein stains.

Shout stain removers do not contain chlorine bleach and are considered color-safe boosters when appropriately used according to directions.

Following the instructions on the product and care labels will help you get the best results from Shout.


While some of their products contain bleach alternatives to help boost their cleaning power, standard Shout Triple-Acting Laundry Stain Remover does not contain bleach.

You can use it confidently to pretreat stains on colors and whites without worrying about damage or discoloration.

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