DIY Whiteboard Cleaner; Clean Like a Pro

When classroom and workplace whiteboards get dirty, it can affect your workflow—making it important to keep these surfaces clean. But store-bought whiteboard cleaners can be expensive—so why not make your DIY whiteboard cleaner?

I will share the best tips for cleaning your whiteboard at home. You can clean like a pro for less money with a few simple ingredients and tools.

So grab a bucket and a few rags because it’s time to get cleaning! We’ll show you how to make your homemade whiteboard cleaner and clean those boards quickly.

And if you are into DIY cleaners, check out this easy-to-make homemade enzymatic cleaner.

Let’s get started!

What You Need to Know About Whiteboard Cleaners

If you want your whiteboard to remain fresh and vibrant, a regular cleaning routine is necessary.

And a DIY whiteboard cleaner is easy to make and use, leaving your board looking as good as new!

Here’s what you need to know about DIY whiteboard cleaner:

Whiteboards should be cleaned regularly with a mild or dedicated whiteboard cleaner.

DIY cleaners are typically cheaper and more effective than store-bought ones. Plus, they are free of harsh chemicals often used in commercial products.

Use suitable materials – plain water won’t cut it! You’ll need rubbing alcohol, vinegar, dish soap, and warm water.

Start by moistening a soft cloth with warm water and wiping down the board. Then create a cleaning solution. Two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and warm water mixed with vinegar will do the trick.

And for extra squeaky cleanness, add some liquid soap. Dip the soft cloth into this solution and wipe down the board again before rinsing it with plain water.

Let it dry off with a towel before using it again!

Easy DIY Whiteboard Cleaner Recipes

Do you want to clean your whiteboard like a pro? You don’t have to go out and buy expensive cleaners—all you need are some common ingredients you probably already own! Here are two easy recipes for DIY whiteboard cleaner:

Rubbing Alcohol Solution

Mix ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol with ¾ cup of distilled water in a spray bottle and shake. Use the solution to wipe clean the board with a soft, dry cloth.

Vinegar Solution

Mix equal parts of distilled water and vinegar in a spray bottle and shake. Spray onto the whiteboard before wiping clean with a soft, damp cloth.

These recipes use natural ingredients, so they’re safe on your whiteboard without damaging or leaving harsh chemicals behind. Plus, they don’t require any special equipment or additional supplies so anyone can do them!

Benefits of a DIY Whiteboard Cleaner

Cleaning your whiteboard like a pro is beneficial for the look of your whiteboard and helps preserve its life.

Many people don’t know that using a proper whiteboard cleaning strategy can extend the lifespan of your whiteboard by removing ghosting and staining.

Plus, when you make your DIY whiteboard cleaner, you can do two things:

Save money

You can make an effective whiteboard cleaner with the ingredients already in your home. All you need is some rubbing alcohol, distilled water, and dish soap, and you’re all set!

Control the ingredients

You can choose what goes into it when you make a DIY whiteboard cleaner. You can tailor it to fit your needs for your particular board.

Power through ghosting with a homemade cleaning solution that’ll do the job just as well (if not better!) as any store-bought cleaner out there.

Ensure to follow all safety precautions when making this cleaner and before using it on your board.

Tips for Cleaning Your Whiteboard

Here are some tips for cleaning your whiteboard like a pro.

Start by Dusting

Dust is the enemy of any whiteboard, and build-up will reduce the effectiveness of your markers. So, use a microfiber cloth and remove dust for a few minutes.

Use Vinegar for Stubborn Stains

Vinegar is excellent for removing stubborn stains that won’t go away with just a microfiber cloth. Mix equal parts vinegar and water and use a cloth to wipe down the board.

Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid if you need extra cleaning power. After 5 minutes, wipe down your board with a damp cloth.

Finish with Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner is another great way to finish up your cleaning job. Just spray it onto your whiteboard and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth or paper towel, going in one direction rather than circular motions to avoid streaks.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can add an anti-static agent to prevent dust from sticking to the board in the future!

How To Maintain and Protect Your WhiteBoard

You don’t want to spend hours maintaining your whiteboard every week, do you?

That’s why it’s essential to use best practices for maintenance and protection to keep your whiteboard looking great for years.

Dry erase erasers

One way to keep your whiteboard clean is by using a dry-eraser regularly. These erasers help remove stains and smudges without leaving streaks or residue.

It’s also helpful to remember that some dry-erasers and board cleaners are designed specifically for certain types of boards, so be sure to read the product instructions before use.

Cleaning solution

Another way to ensure that your board stays clean is to use a cleaning solution specifically for whiteboards.

These solutions help lift dirt, oil, and residue while leaving behind a protective coating that helps prevent future staining or buildup.

You should also follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when using these solutions, including proper ventilation when spraying the solution onto the board.


Finally, you can extend the life of your whiteboard by investing in a quality cover.

A good quality cover will help protect the surface from dust build-up or debris. Making cleaning easier in the long run. But ensure to get the perfect fit.


A whiteboard is an essential tool for any classroom or office, but for it to be effective, it must be clean and free of marks.

A DIY whiteboard cleaner can be a simple, cost-effective solution to ensure your board is up to snuff.

With some practice, you can be a whiteboard-cleaning pro in no time!

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