How To Wash Clothes With Poop On Them -No Need To Panic!

We’ve all been there before: you’re getting ready to put your freshly laundered clothes in the dryer only to discover that one of them has a bit of a surprise on it. Ugh, poop; the challenge is how to wash clothes with poop on them.

 But don’t panic! Poop on clothing is common, and with proper care, you can return even the filthiest garments to a wearable state.

Here’s what to do when you find clothing that needs more than just a cold-water wash cycle.

Identifying the Source of the Poop

Start with identifying the source of this poop. Has an animal or baby been around your dirty laundry?

Animal poop can often be removed using regular detergent and some elbow grease.

If the source is human rather than animal – think elderly parent, small child or yourself – things get trickier as the bacteria found in human waste are more challenging to remove than their animal counterparts.

Don’t worry; there are still solutions; we just need to take extra precautions.

How to Remove Solid or Liquid Human Feces

If you have solid or liquid human feces on your clothing, you don’t need to panic.

First, stop to take a deep breath and remind yourself that every stain can (probably) be removed—it just takes some extra effort!

Here’s how to proceed:

Act fast! If the stain is still wet, try to use a spoon or blunt knife to scoop or scrape off whatever you can.

Be careful not to spread the stain further.

Pre-treat the area with an enzyme-based pre-treatment spray and gently work it with your fingers or a soft brush. Let it sit for 30 minutes before washing.

Wash the item according to the fabric type in your washing machine (unless you have an expensive specialty item like silk). Use hot water and add 1 cup of baking soda during the wash cycle, which helps break up stains and odors naturally.

If possible, dry your stained clothing in direct sunlight—the UV rays will help naturally fade and disinfect any remaining fecal matter!

How To Wash Clothes With Poop On Them in the Washing Machine

Preparing your load

First, ensure you’re prepping the load of laundry in the right way.

That means separating the poopy clothes from the rest of the load (if you haven’t already) and washing them separately.

The next step is to pretreat any stains with an enzyme detergent—these will help break down proteins and oils in the poop and get them out of the fabric easier.

Choosing a Detergent

Choosing a quality detergent for washing your poopy clothes is essential: You will want one with good grease-cutting abilities and whitening agents, which will help eliminate any residue that may remain after pre-treating.

Use a full scoop of detergent or two for best results if your washer has a larger capacity.

Washing on Hot Water Cycle and Drying

Once you’ve properly put your poopy clothes through the wash, it’s time to dry!

To avoid any potential staining setting into the fabric, dry on high heat — this should be able to kill off any remaining bacteria or viral agents in case there was something more serious lurking in the poop!

Tips for Preventing Poop Staining Again

Preventing stained clothes in the future should be your goal instead of trying to figure out how to wash clothes with poop on them. Here are a few tips that can help:

Get an Emergency Kit Ready

Ensure you have an emergency kit ready to respond quickly to any accidents.

It should consist of urine and poop remover, extra bibs and wipes, plastic bags or containers for clothes, and paper towels or cloths for wiping up messes.

Stash it somewhere nearby for easy access when needed.

Removing Poop Quickly

Removing poop as soon as possible is critical to avoiding stains.

Even if the clothing looks clean, it’s still best to immediately treat the area with liquid detergent or cold water to remove any residue before throwing the clothes in the hamper.

Treat Right Away

If there is staining on clothing that has dried– don’t fret! You can still salvage your favorite items by pre-treating overnight with liquid detergent or enzyme-based laundry detergent mixed with water.

It’s best not to rub the fabric together as that could spread it even more since poop is naturally oily.

Rinse any excess suds before placing the clothes in a washing machine with hot water on a delicate cycle setting.

By taking these preventive measures, you’ll be able to keep your precious little ones clean and your clothing stain-free!

How To Clean Cloth Diaper or Baby Clothes With Poop on Them

If you’re dealing with a cloth diaper or baby clothes that have poop on them, then don’t worry; you can still clean them!

The cleaning process will depend on what type of diaper or clothing material, so let’s break it down.

Cloth Diapers

The simplest step to take when dealing with cloth diapers is to rinse all the poop before throwing it in the washing machine for a wash.

This step will help you cut down on any mess and makes sure you have removed all poop from the diaper.

Once you’ve rinsed it off, use a gentle detergent and set your washing machine to the “hot” setting — if possible — and ensure your rinse cycle is also hot. This will help remove any bacteria hiding in the fabric.

Baby Clothes

For other baby clothes like onesies or pants with poop on them, it’s a similar process —rinse off as much of the poop as possible by hand before putting it in the washing machine.

Once again, set your machines to a hot setting for the best results.

If there’s still some stain after one wash cycle, don’t panic!

Try doing another wash cycle, and since you are washing baby clothes at this point, avoid adding bleach, as this could irritate their sensitive skin.

Instead, another cycle in hot should help remove any bacterial residues left behind after one wash cycle.

These are also essential tips for cleaning baby poop that you can borrow.

How To Care for Delicate Fabrics Stained With Poop

Things can get trickier if you’re dealing with a delicate fabric like silk or wool! You can still safely clean your clothes, even delicates with poop. Here’s how:

Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning uses special detergents and sprays to treat the stained area to help remove the stain and odor.

This process is typically done before washing the item and may need to be repeated several times before washing.


Start by soaking the affected area of the delicate item in cold water with a bit of detergent mixed in—this helps loosen up any solid residue.

Then place a towel underneath and gently work the soap into the stained area.

Rinse the fabric thoroughly, then lightly dab between washings (do not rub!) until all residue is gone.

Once that’s done, you can proceed with regular laundry for delicate items—short cycle, low-temperature wash settings.


Finally, throw your garment into an automatic dryer on an air-only cycle (low heat) but remember there may still be some lingering smell or stain—if that’s the case repeat one or more of these steps until you’re delighted with your results.

Final Thoughts on How To Wash Clothes With Poop On Them

You never know when poop will find its way onto your clothes. It could be your baby or just your pet.

And if you have either of the two, then it is important to know how to deal with it. As you have seen from the above guide, it is not that difficult to clean out the poop.

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