How To Get Wax Off Hardwood Floor

Candles are an excellent addition to a home, but figuring out how to get wax off hardwood floor might be a nightmare.

You may set candles nearly anywhere, as their jars filled with a natural soy wax mixture are gorgeous and functional.

However, what do you do, and how do you remove the wax if your candle spills on your hardwood floors?

Here is how to get candle wax from wood, whether hardwood floors, a coffee table, or a nightstand.

You Must Use A Solvent To Get Rid Of The Wax Buildup

Knowing what goes into floor wax will help you determine how to eliminate wax accumulation on your hardwood floors.

Wax is often a Carnauba or an emulsion of paraffin, an extract that is from Brazilian palm trees and a solvent.

The solvent will be removed when the wax is applied, leaving only the wax layer. There will be no wax hardening so it can be handled safely.

Using a sharp blade or putty knife to scrape the wax off a floor may be possible, but it a little time-consuming and likely ruin the floor’s sheen.

To effectively remove wax buildup, it must be redissolved in a solvent and wiped away.

What Dissolves Wax Buildup?

Mineral spirits are the best thing to use to dissolve carnauba wax. Mineral spirits are the ingredient that gives wax its distinctive smell.

Stronger solvents, like acetone, can also remove the wax, but they will also remove the finish.

Hot water will dissolve wax, especially if it has vinegar, washing powder, ammonia, or a similar cleaning product, but no flooring manufacturer would recommend it.

If you let hot water sit on your wood floor long enough to melt the wax, the water will seep through the cracks and cause the wood to swell, ruining your floor.

It is not a good idea to clean wax off your hardwood floor with anything that contains water.

How To Get Wax Off Hardwood Floor In 6 Simple Steps

If you have a vast hardwood floor, removing wax accumulation is laborious.

There are no alternatives to crawling down on your hands and knees to scrape away the wax carefully. It only takes a little time to clean a spot here and there.

However, you should budget at least four to six hours of hard work for a standard kitchen and living room.

Use A Mineral Spirits–Moistened Rag To Buff The Surface

Clear the area of any dirt and other debris using a broom.

Then use a microfiber dust mop and a vacuum with a dust brush attachment to get the floor spotless.

Put some unscented mineral spirits in a spray bottle. Use mineral spirits to dampen the rag. Use the spray to remove the wax in the crevices as well.

Work the mineral spirits in the same direction as the wood grain to remove the wax layer.

As you rub, the wax will transfer to the fabric. The cloth will turn yellow as the wax continues to rub off. Wax removal is complete once a towel dampened with water leaves the wood unsoiled.

Use Steel Wool And Mineral Spirits To Rub

You can proceed when all of the wax has melted onto your clean towel.

Wet a small square of steel wool and massage it with mineral spirits to buff the floor. It is essential to rub with the wood grain. Use steel wool to clean the deep grooves in textured wood boards effectively.

To remove the wax coating, use mineral spirits with a cloth and a steel wool pad.

To keep track of what you have cleaned and what remains to be done on the floor, clean in a specific pattern.

Use gardening cushions or knee pads to protect your knees as you remove the buildup from your floors.

Mop The Floor With Hot Water

After removing all of the wax from the floor, you can thoroughly clean it by mopping it with hot water. Mop in small portions and then go over them with a dry microfiber towel to ensure that all moisture has been removed.

Once done moping, it is a good idea to find out how to clean dusters to ensure no wax residues are left behind.

Stain Removal

There may be more severe stains on an older floor. Mineral spirits can be sprayed onto the stain.

Then, use a putty knife or toothbrush to scrape the area gently. If the stain persists, wipe it again with a clean cloth.

Leave the Floor to Air Dry

When refinishing flooring, allow plenty of time for the old one to dry before starting the process again. When you remove old wax, the floor should be clean, dry, and prepared for a new layer of wax.

Refinish The Floor

Floors should be rewaxed per the recommendations on the product label. If you are thinking of giving your floor another coat of wax, these are some of the most popular brands.

 Polyurethane is sturdier and more long-lasting than a wax covering if you wish to avoid future wax development. Ensuring all wax traces have been eliminated before applying polyurethane is essential.

Can You Rely on Store-Bought Wax Removers?

Whether you have wax or a polyurethane finish on your floor will determine whether you employ a wax stripper.

Almost all commercial wood floor waxes utilize mineral spirits to soften the wax and make it easier to apply.

Mineral spirits are widely considered the best wax remover for hardwood floors.

Wax can be removed with acetone or lacquer thinner, but they will also destroy the floor’s sheen and leave a stain.

Use caution when dealing with them.

Some homemade cleaners call for a mixture of hot water, ammonia, vinegar, and detergent; however, this might damage the wood by melting the wax.


It can be a labor to remove years of wax buildup from hardwood floors, but restoring the finish of hardwood floors is simple with a little effort and the most basic cleaning equipment.

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