How To Get Vomit Smell Out Of Couch

The smell of vomit is one of the worst odors on furniture, especially on a couch. It can be challenging to eliminate the smell, even after using cleaning agents. The odor can cause discomfort to those sitting on the couch. Fortunately, this post will discuss how to get vomit smell out of couch.

A Few Items That Neutralize Vomit Smell

Remove Excess Liquids

Microfiber towels are another fashionable option for reducing liquid accumulation without adding extra work.

One of the most significant benefits of utilizing this kind of towel is how simple it is to clean and organize afterward.

Baking Soda

Once the bulk of the clumps has been dislodged, you should work to drain out any remaining liquid. In this sense, baking soda is like Superman; it can fix just about anything.

You can clean up the vomit mess by liberally sprinkling baking soda over the afflicted area; the baking soda will clump together as it absorbs the fluids and humidity.

After resting for a while, you should be able to see individual pieces. You must now wait for them to form and soak up any available moisture.

Go out of the vacuum and get rid of the clumps. You should reapply and then vacuum if there is any remaining moisture.


Cornstarch application is another technique that is gaining notoriety for its efficacy.

Just like baking soda, can be used to absorb liquid; it can also be used to facilitate the easy separation of inevitable messes.

Spread a thick layer of cornstarch over the affected area and wait until the liquid has been absorbed.

When it has finished soaking up the leftover liquid, you should vacuum the area to remove any lingering odor.

Club Soda

Secondly, you will want a better image of that massive puke odor on your sofa. Club soda is a go-to beverage when one has other options available.

However, depending on what you have accessible and the level of the possible odor damage, you can utilize a variety of substitutions, as it depends on what is available at the moment and the scenario one is in.

You can pour it straight onto the odor or spritz it into a spray bottle and spritz it.

Although each method has advantages and disadvantages, I recommend using the spritzer method because of offers more excellent surface area coverage.

Once the area has been sprayed with club soda, dab it with a cloth. Repeat until the odor is eliminated.


Vinegar and rubbing alcohol can also be used to eliminate couch odors, and they are frequently effective cleaning solutions for aromas of this nature.

However, you must dilute it with cold water of the exact volume.

Mix vinegar and water and mist the area until moist but not drenched. Let the solution sink, seep, and absorb for approximately twenty minutes, and then use a cloth to absorb the odor.

That would make things much more comfortable as fumes would be simpler to remove.

Return with the dampened cloth and dab until the odor is eliminated.

As we did previously, the objective is to guarantee that even the cleaning liquid does not remain because it would attract undesirable bugs and insects in this context.

Cleansing Enzymes

Those with a weak respiratory system should use these because they do not put off harsh chemicals.

These solutions eliminate odors and stains from various sources, including human and animal vomit, through a bio-enzymatic process.

They are safer and more efficient than chemical alternatives.

They are widely available in local pet shops and the corresponding sections of major retailers and supermarkets.

If you are into home projects, try this DIY homemade enzymatic cleaner.


As a chemical, ammonia has a more powerful cleaning effect than vinegar and baking soda. Use caution with it! Use a significantly diluted solution.

Combine half a cup of ammonia and one quart of water.

Soak a rag or sponge, wring it out thoroughly, and then apply it to the vomit stain in the car. Let it dry thoroughly, and if required, repeat the process.

Lastly, wipe the surface with a rag dampened with clean water.

Cleaning And Washing Products For Upholstery

These goods containing active chemical ingredients are available at any supermarket or auto supply store.

Some are in liquid form, while others resemble foam.

Often, they are offered for both wet and dry cleaning. If you follow the manufacturer’s directions, you will eliminate couch vomit stains and odors quickly, and perhaps no odor will remain.

Expert Cleaners

This is the most reliable method for eliminating all traces of vomit from your couch. Professionals can cure the spots and remove the stains and odors without hurting the sofa.

Pro Tips on How To Get Vomit Smell Out Of Couch

Always read labels carefully; most cleaning products contain stains but not odor removers.

Remember that an air freshener will only cover the odor, not eliminate it. To neutralize it, preparation is required.

Before applying the suitable cleaning product, examine the colorfastness and fabric resistance of the damask in an inconspicuous location, such as the bottom or the side.

The most effective method for extracting deep-seated dirt is with a strong vacuum. And only businesses have access to such high-tech equipment for washing and cleaning upholstery.

Employ professional cleaning services so there are no unpleasant surprises about the fabric’s colors and structure.

Finally, yet importantly, do not become angry with the guilty party! Do not let something like vomit ruin the fun your pet or child brought to the trip.

Getting Vomit Smell Out of Couch Made Easy!

The steps outlined above can help you remove the smell and stains and restore your couch to its previous condition. Remember to act fast; the longer you wait, the harder it will be to eliminate the smell.

With these tips, you can create a clean and comfortable home environment for you and your loved ones.

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