How To Get Sweat Smell Out of Hats; Hat Hygiene

Is a hat a must-have item in your closet? Then you need to figure out how to get sweat smell out of hats.

Let’s face it: you either don’t clean your hat, and if you do, you do it less often than you should.

Whether you wear it when playing sports, to make a fashion statement, or during outdoor activities, it must go through a refreshing clean sooner or later to eliminate odor and dirt.

Like your clothes, hats get a beating from your body oils, sweat, and dust. And when they add up, any hat can smell and look grimy—and, of course, embarrassing. But guess what?

Giving your hat a fresh smell and a new-like look won’t take much of your precious time. Besides, most items needed for the process are already in your possession.

Keep reading for how to get sweat smell out of hats and give them the shine they deserve!

How To Quickly Clean Your Baseball Hat

You are ready to hit the road with your hat, only to realize it’s too smelly and dirty.

Fortunately, you could give your hat a refresh with minimal time. It’s easy to do and only requires a few supplies. Below is how to get the sweat smell out of hats in two minutes or less.

Damp a clean cloth to wipe the surface dirt from the inner and outer sides of the hat. It’s crucial to concentrate on visibly dirty or smelly sections without forgetting the brim.

Put unflavored, undiluted vodka in a small spray bottle (any vodka can work). It kills the sweat bacteria responsible for the bad smell.

Spray a few spritzes of the alcohol on the inner and outer sides.

Then hang the hat for drying. Alcohol is ideal since it dries very fast, so you can wear it in a few minutes. Besides, it won’t give off any smell, making it applicable to your kid’s baseball cap.

Repeat this procedure as often as necessary, especially when your hats look or smell dirty.

How to Deep Cleaning a Hat

If it’s been a while since your hat saw better days, performing a deep clean could offer a better deal. You only need to toss the hat in the dishwasher for a good spin. It breaks down all the sweat, oil, and bacteria.

Deep clean your baseball cap in the dishwasher as follows:

Empty the dishwasher and place the hat on the top rack. You are probably worried about the brim. So shape the hat over the top shelf’s tines.

Place a tablespoon of oxygen bleach in the dishwasher, where you usually put soap. The dishwashing detergent works if you don’t have bleach. (Find out if the bleaching solution and detergent are safe for your hat before starting the process)

Choose the quick wash cycle to clean even the dirtiest hat properly.

Remove the clean hat once the cycle is over before hanging it to dry. It should look as good as day one!

Repeat the process whenever your hat needs a real makeover with a deep clean.

Does the dishwasher process apply to a delicate vintage hat with a cardboard insert?

If you think the dishwasher can ruin the shape of your hat, avoid using the dishwasher method. Instead, soak the hat in a sink full of oxygen bleach for one or two hours.

Remember that washing inappropriately can change the hat’s shape, damage the brim, or shrink it.

Cleaning Your Hat in the Washing Machine

Many often ask if their hats can go through the washing machine. The simple answer is—yes and no. While most hats are safe to wash in the machine, taking any necessary precautions is recommended.

So check the tag on your hat to know if it’s machine-washable. If there is no tag, don’t worry. Examine and determine the material used in making the hat.

Remember that cotton, cotton blends, denim, polyester, canvas, twill, and jersey mesh are washable.

Also, confirm if the hat is colorfast.

It is done by dampening a clean cloth and running it below the brim. Your hat should never get wet if you notice any color changes.

How to clean a Hat With a Washing Machine

Use a stain remover for the pre-wash stage

Unfortunately, the washer won’t do everything for you. So spot-clean the hat with a stain remover before loading.

Examine the brim

You can safely clean hats with plastic brims in the machine. However, a cardboard brim should be washed by hand.

Employ the delicate setting

Hats typically have some elasticity that a washing machine can damage. You can prevent this problem by rinsing with cool water in a delicate setting.

Separate jeans, towels, and sweaters

These are bulky and heavy and will undoubtedly do a number on your hat. The only way to protect your hat from these bullies is to separate them.

Put the hat in a laundry bag

Putting your hat in a mesh laundry bag before the washing process is safe. If not, it could get tangled in the machine.

Purchase a hat holder

Accidents happen; sometimes, this could be a hat losing shape. You can get on top of this by buying a machine-washable hat holder.

It’s best to wash your most worn hats with a machine. Structured or fitted hats are best washed by hand to minimize the risk of damage.

How to Clear Sweat Stains from Your Hat

If you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast, dealing with a hat sweat stain may not be odd. Luckily, you likely have every supply needed right in your kitchen cabinet.

Follow the directions below to get rid of sweat stains in your beloved hat:

Mix a 1/4 cup of cold water and four tablespoons of baking soda.

Wear disposable gloves to apply the solution to the stained section using a toothbrush.

Let the solution sit for sixty minutes.

Then rinse with cold water.

Use a towel to pat it dry.

Spray down persistent stains with distilled white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. The solution’s acidity naturally cleans and breaks down dirt buildup on the hat.

How to Clear a Musty Smell from Your Hat

Whether you run in a global or individual marathon with your hat on, the probability is that it smells terrible. By cleaning it, you’ll be doing yourself, your hat, and those around you a favor.

Start by sprinkling the baking soda on the inner side of the hat and let it sit for approximately thirty minutes. Lastly, shake it out, and voila!

There you have a hat smelling as fresh as a daisy.

How to Get Mold Out of Your Hat

Mix lemon juice, cool water, and salt in a bowl. Soak your hat in the water before sun-drying it. The sun’s rays will kill various types of mold spores.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hat?

That depends on you and how often you use it. But to avoid bad smells and stains, aiming for at least two or three cleaning sessions per season is advisable.

All-time hats should be washed at least weekly to maintain hygiene.


Hats are prone to dirt, including dust, hair, body oil, and sweat. But you can use easy-to-follow procedures and everyday items for a good-as-new hat.

Now that you know how to get sweat smell out of hats, maintaining a clean and fresh-smelling hat throughout the year shouldn’t be a hassle. You can finally boost your confidence by looking and smelling good!

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