How to Get Smell Out of Flip Flops And Summer Ready

Do you love freedom from office footwear and winter’s heavy boots? If yes, there is also a high chance that you will jump on any opportunity to launch your flip-flops or sandals. It is especially the case for the summer season. So let’s find out how to get smell out of flip flops.

However, flip flops are open to elements by their very nature and receive a good beating from dirt, dust, and grime, among others. The possible result is often sweaty, smelly, and sticky footwear.

But you can always prevent this by knowing how to get the smell out of flip-flops and then taking action every summer.

Additionally, you can use various methods to clear odor from your flip-flops and leave them clean, smelling fresh, and bacteria-free.

Restore Your Flip-Flops’ Former Glory Quickly and Easily With the Freezer

Looking for how to clean flip-flops that smell effortlessly and quickly? Start by placing your flip-flops in a sealable plastic bag. Sprinkle baking soda on the footbed and put your bag in the freezer compartment.

Let it sit overnight. There are no bacteria that can survive the brutal cold. On the other hand, baking soda absorbs residual odors.

How to Get the Smell Out of Flip-Flops Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is the secret to fresh-smelling flip-flops year-round. Begin by running warm water over your flip-flops to get them wet. Sprinkle them with baking soda and a little kitchen salt.

Mix the baking powder and salt on the flip-flop using an old toothbrush, ensuring you create a paste. The paste should sit on the footbed for ten minutes at the least.

Then scrub the paste aggressively to clear dirt and grime and absorb unpleasant smells. Wash the flip-flops afterward in cold water to get rid of residue. Leave them outside to dry completely.

How to Clean Flip-Flops that Smell in the Washing Machine

If you own standard rubber flip-flops, your washer can help out. Check your manufacturer’s instructions to avoid ruining your beloved sandals.

Place them in the washing machine drum and set it to run on cold water wash. It’s essential to prevent damage by running on a gentle cycle with minimal spin.

You can also place the flip-flops in a laundry bag to reduce the risk of damage.

Utilize regular laundry detergent and a cup of white vinegar as your washing product. White vinegar is ideal for neutralizing smells, while laundry detergent is ideal for clearing dirt from the rubber.

Dry them out in direct sunlight once the cycle is over.

How to Clean Flip-Flops Using a Dishwasher

The dishwasher was made with plates, cups, and cutlery in mind. But did you know that you could put it to better use and clean more items, from plastic toys to toothbrushes?

You can throw in your flip-flops too. But they should be cleaned cautiously.

Also note that flip flops with diamante, sparkles, and bows can get damaged in this method and must never be washed in the dishwasher.

Clear Any Smell from Flip-Flops with UV Light

Cleaning your flip-flops couldn’t get simpler than placing them in direct sunlight. UV light has been proven to sanitize and clean products; your flip-flops are no exception.

It’ll kill odors and leave your sandals smelling fresh as new. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t clear ingrained dirt and is perfect when the goal is to fight foul odor.

Using a Magic Eraser

It not only gets rid of ingrained dirt but also brightens white sandals. Magic erasers or the famous Tide To Go Pen, have long been used in our homes to clean mugs, wall marks, and rust.

If you have one, it can help eliminate dirt layers in your sandals.

How? Wet the eraser in cold water and rub it over the flip-flop. The eraser will become dirty as your flip-flops own a new bright look.

Using Vinegar for Flip-Flops that Smell Really Bad

You can use vinegar when working with awfully smelling sandals. So get a spray bottle and mix equal amounts of water and vinegar.

Spray the solution on your flip-flops’ footbed before leaving them to air dry. Remember that this method eliminates bad smells in leather sandals and other expensive options.

Using Simple Dish Soap

If you’re searching for how to clean flip-flops with an effective yet simple method, your regular dish soap could be your ticket. Fill and mix warm water and dish soap in a basin.

Then loosen the dirt by letting the flip-flops sit in the solution for about five to ten minutes. Utilize a toothbrush or cloth to clean the smelly flip-flops with the solution.

Rinse the flip-flops in cold water and allow them to dry after finishing.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Sanitization

Hydrogen peroxide can achieve your cleaning results within a minimal time.

Wash your flip-flops in water and dish soap to begin. Then soak them in hydrogen peroxide for several minutes.

It’s best not to leave them soaked for too long as the product can cause discoloring. The flip-flops should also be rinsed thoroughly to clear all the cleaning residues before drying them.

Tips and Tricks to Maintaining Fresh and Clean Flip Flops Every Season

If you own a pair of flip-flops, you likely understand how they can quickly lose their day-one shine and get dingy. But below are tips and tricks that should help keep dirt and bacteria at bay.

Avoid wearing flip-flops in a row

While keeping your best foot forward may mean sticking to your flip-flops, you shouldn’t wear the same sandal daily.

Purchase two or three more to give each pair a time-out for airing.

Air the flip flops

If you like two-in-one solutions, you and your flip-flops could treat yourselves to an afternoon of basking under the sun. The ultraviolet rays will disinfect bacteria. Being out in the open will also give your sandals a breather.

But excess of anything can be poisonous. Avoid spending too much time under the sun, as it is risky for you and your sandals.

Keep baking soda handy

Be sure to sprinkle baking soda over your flip-flops every night to counteract any upcoming odors.

Powder up your flip-flops before wear

Start your day by sprinkling some baby powder on your sandals. As you go about your day, the powder will suck up moisture to keep your flip-flops and feet fresh.


There you go—cleaning smelly flip-flops shouldn’t be hard. After all, you have a dozen ways to get the job done.

You now know how to get the smell out of flip-flops while keeping them clean and vibrant year-round. What are you waiting for? Step out in confidence with clean and fresh flip-flops year in and out!

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