How To Get Poop Smell Off Hands Quick And Easy

We have all had accidents with poop while wiping our bums or babies’ bums. It is hard to eliminate the odor of poop after it has reached our fingertips. Want to know how to get poop smell off your hands?

This article extensively describes all the tips and tricks.

Why Does Poop Smell Still Linger On My Hands?

When poop touches your skin, some can be absorbed through the pores, causing the odor to soak in deeply. Bacteria and viruses in poop can live on the skin, creating a putrid smell.

If you do not scrub them long enough, the stench of poop may linger on your hands even after washing.

You can lessen the odor by washing your hands in cold water before using Soap. Remove any buildup from under your nails by giving that area a good scrub.

Following the NHS’s handwashing standards is recommended to ensure your hands are entirely poop-free. A foul odor can linger even after thorough hand washing.

This is because body oils are porous and can absorb the strong odors from poop.

Quick And Effective Ways To Get Poop Smell Off Hands

Water And Soap

Soap and water is the simplest method for eliminating the poop smell. Just use warm water and antibacterial soap. Scrub your fingers beneath your nails for at least fifteen seconds, and you will be ready.

Remove any traces of Soap from your hands before drying them with a fresh towel or an air dryer.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol’s high alcohol content can be utilized to neutralize poop’s odor when applied topically. Apply some rubbing alcohol to your hands after washing them. Rub the solution until you no longer feel the alcohol.

You can apply more rubbing alcohol to your hands if necessary to eliminate any lingering smells.

But when rubbing alcohol, be careful with your clothes as some have been found to stain clothes.

Squeeze A Lemon And Use It

Squeeze fresh lemon juice onto your hands and rub them together. This will eliminate the odor in minutes.

The lemon juice’s acidic characteristics will kill any bacteria on your hands that could be the source of the odor, leaving them smelling fresh and clean.

The cleansing effectiveness of lemon juice can be increased by adding salt. Wash your hands after washing off the lemon juice for optimum results.

Baking Soda

Because of its deodorizing characteristics, baking soda is a natural choice for removing the smell of poop from your hands. Mix baking soda and warm water using equal portions.

This will form a thick paste. After massaging this mixture into both sides of your hands for 30 seconds, wash it off with warm water.


Vodka can be used instead of rubbing alcohol when the former is unavailable. Always use soap to clean your hands before attempting this.

Pour 1-2 teaspoons of vodka into one palm and rub palms together until all of the vodka has evaporated.

Toothpaste Or Mouthwash

Toothpaste is typically produced with salt and baking soda, both mild abrasives. This makes it so effective at neutralizing the smell of poop.

Mouthwash, in a similar vein, kills germs and typically contains alcohol. Start by running some cold water over your hands.

You should next rub some toothpaste or mouthwash into your hands. Then, scrub the palms of your hands and the spaces between your fingers. Finally, run some warm water over your hands to clean them.

Preventing Hands From Smelling Poop

The following are the measures you can use to curb poop smell.

Put On Gloves

Wearing gloves is one of the most excellent methods to keep your hands from smelling like excrement.

Always wear gloves when dealing with or cleaning up after patients to protect your skin from contact with potentially infectious bodily fluids.

Wear Two Pairs of Gloves

For the same reason as before, except this time, layer up. If one pair of gloves is torn, you still have the other pair to fall back on.

Wash Hands Often

To avoid your hands smelling like poop, wash them as soon as possible after touching poop. Scrub for at least fifteen seconds with Soap and warm water, then rinse thoroughly.

Clean Up Surfaces

Cleansing items like toilets using disinfectant wipes or sprays can help minimize odor-causing bacteria that can grow there.

Some have harsh chemicals that, if not applied appropriately, could irritate the skin or eyes. Reading the label before putting these items in your body is crucial.

A Sugar Scrub that Neutralizes the Smell of Poop

Add roughly 20 drops of scented oil to your sugar scrub. A few of the most effective oils for masking scents are orange, lemon, cinnamon, and peppermint.

Once you have finished making the scrub, store it somewhere airtight. Use it as a hand scrub to eliminate the odor of feces from your skin.

Can Salt Remove Poop Smell?

Using salt is an easy way to eliminate the stench of poop on your hands. You can find salt quickly because it is a standard household or office item.

The salt will adhere easier if your hands are damp before applying it.

Why Does Poop Smell?

Most poop has a strong odor because they include amines and sulfur compounds (H2S). Strong bacteria on the poop also contribute to the smell.

Some people have more foul-smelling poop than others because their bodies produce more of these bacteria, which have distinct scents. 

Does Vinegar Work To Get Rid Of Poop Smell?

Apple cider vinegar is antibacterial and is commonly used as a disinfectant around the house. Cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing the skin is also safe to do with this.

Both plain vinegar and apple cider vinegar can be used to treat hands.


If all these tips are followed, you will not have to worry about a lingering poop smell and will instead feel clean and refreshed.

The danger of getting sick from bacteria or other organisms in poop can be reduced by avoiding contact with waste material.

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