How To Get Pencil Off Wall Tips and Tricks

Accidents happen; sometimes, they involve a pencil finding its way onto a wall. Whether it’s the mischievous scribbles of a young artist or an unintentional slip, the result is often an unsightly mark on an otherwise pristine surface. So how to get pencil off the wall is your next worry.

But fear not! Removing pencil marks is a task that can be accomplished with a few simple techniques. You will also manage this chore, like how you figured out how to remove melted crayons from your clothes.

One of the easiest methods to tackle this issue is by utilizing everyday household items.

The techniques for erasing the pencils from the wall are intriguing and easy to implement. Here are some simple tricks.

Tricks On How To Get Pencil Off Wall

Art Gum Eraser Method

Finding an eraser made of art gum is simple. They can be found in art supply stores and speciality craft shops.

The art gum eraser looks like a regular pencil eraser, but it is not. Unlike many pencil erasers, art gum erasers are kinder to your paper.

Additionally, it is the mildest, making it the best option if you have a soft wall covering, such as non-washable wallpaper.

First, use the art gum eraser to rub out the pencil smudges. Instead of rubbing across the marks, try working from one end to the other.

Because you risk making the wall look worse by smearing the surface with your hand, check the eraser often, and move it to a clean spot whenever it is soiled.

In this approach, you will not risk leaving a permanent mark on the wall. If you want to clean up messes, you do not want to make another one.

The Use Of A Foam Eraser

The purpose of the foam eraser was to remove common household stains and scuffs. The scribbles on the wall can still be removed with its aid, so do not fret.

Like a pencil eraser, the foam eraser will wear down as it cleans.

You must soak a small section of foam before proceeding with this procedure. Finally, rub the foam pad over the pencil mark carefully.

The stain should be treated from its beginning to its end.

A Baking Soda Scrub

Baking soda has been used as a cleanser since its inception.

Moreover, the pencil scribbles are fair game for experimentation. It is a mild abrasive, so it will not damage most wall surfaces if you use it to remove pencil marks.

Dip a wet white towel into the baking soda to remove the stains.

Next, rub on the pencil marks in the same direction as the line.

The baking soda can be removed from the wall by brushing it off or wiping it down with a damp cloth. If more baking soda scrub is required, feel free to use it.

Also, make sure the towel is only slightly damp at all times.

They must be damp enough for the baking soda to stick to them. Damage to flat paint or papery wallpaper could result from oversaturation.

Application Of Toothpaste

Toothpaste is another mild abrasive that can replace baking soda to get the pencil off the wall or wallpaper.

This technique requires nothing more than the toothpaste you already use. To remove a pencil mark off your wall, dab a tiny amount of white, non-gel toothpaste onto the spot. Then, you can wait for the toothpaste to dry on the wall now.

After waiting a minute or so, use a slightly damp white cloth to wipe in the direction of the marks.

Ensure you remove all traces of toothpaste from the area. If you would like, you can use different toothpaste. However, using too much toothpaste might have the same effect on the wall.


This is another substance that is constantly used in homes.

Detergent from the grocery store works quite nicely. Again, it has to be diluted with water and rubbed softly onto the pencil smudges.

Using What People Call “Eraser Sponges”

This product is designed to remove marks from walls and other surfaces, including toilets, doors, and even shoes. You can purchase a bundle of 10 with various densities.

They are designed to be wholly non-corrosive and non-abrasive.

So they will not scratch your wall. There is also no need to apply cleaning products. Simply wet and compress the material, and it is ready to use.

Painting Treatment

This is your last option if you have already tried everything else and still need help fixing the pencil.

You will have to cover it up with paint. Therefore, you should acquire paint that is an exact shade match for the paint already on the wall.

You must use the precise shade that is needed. Otherwise, the paint would clash with the wall.

You must now sand the damaged region caused by the pencil.

Since you will not be digging deep, you should only gently buff the surface.

After the area has been sanded down, a coat of priming should be applied, and the area can be painted. Just paint over the damaged areas so they blend in with the original wall color, and you will be ready to go!

How Can One Remove Colored Pencils From Walls?

Even if the stain was formed using colored pencils, it could be removed from the wall. We suggest beginning with an eraser. Then, if it does not do the trick, try the next thing on the list.

Start with a standard and kneaded eraser.

Baking soda and water in a tiny amount might help.

Make use of toothpaste.

Use a standard laundry detergent if you can.

You can use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers or eraser sponges.


If you accidentally draw on the wall, do not freak out. It is the kind of problem that is generally easy to solve as long as you do not go at the stain with all your might.

You might make matters even worse. The ideal approach is gradually getting into it and using as little force as possible.

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