How To Get Nail Polish Off Of Walls Without Damage!

Nail polish has the unfortunate property of easily staining anything that comes into contact with the bottle it comes in. Then you must be wondering how to get nail polish off walls without causing damage.

While it is true that there are a few options for repairing the damage caused by this liquid, most people assume that these stains are permanent, which makes utilizing it a Herculean task only for experts.

This post demonstrates how to get nail polish off of walls so that they can shine as brightly as possible.

The composition of nail polish needs to be revised. The substance comprises several hardener chemicals, pigments, and solvents capable of damaging any surface.

Most objects will acquire stains that appear permanent, but there are still methods for cleaning them.

Regarding walls, the cleaning process is straightforward, albeit laborious.

As nail polish is essentially paint, removing one coat over another can be challenging. Just like the struggle of removing spray paint from glass.

This means that anything capable of removing the chemical poses a potential risk to the wall paint. Fortunately, some options are less abrasive.

How To Get Nail Polish Off Of Walls Without Removing Paint


Acetone is ideal for removing nail paint. This substance is a component of nail polish remover. Therefore, it will exhibit similar properties.

This implies that it can also cause harm to the wall, so we will explain how to use it.

How to eliminate nail polish from walls with acetone:

Soak a little piece of cotton in acetone and wring it out.

Slide the cotton over the affected nail paint area with care. Rub it until no stains remain.

Since acetone cannot be left on the wall, carefully wipe it down with wet wipes or a suitable alternative.

Before executing this procedure, you can test whether the compound will cause harm to the wall by passing it over an inconspicuous area or behind a piece of furniture where any damage would not be evident.

The Use Of Alcohol

Nail polish that has just been dropped on the wall can be removed with warm water and a towel.

Especially for flat or semi-gloss paints, this should be sufficient. You can attempt removing dry nail polish with isopropyl alcohol if you have already waited too long.

In addition, you can use a towel to softly rub the wall in the same way. Wipe down the alcohol with a moist cloth before assessing the area.

As mentioned before, the nail polish remover damages the wall, so you must be careful with its use.

Use Nail Polish To Combat Nail Polish

If you want to avoid nail polish smudges on your walls, wipe them down quickly after a spill.

The theory is that the fresh coat of polish would soften the dry one, making it easier to wipe away. After a minute, wipe it off with an upward-moving towel and repeat if necessary.

Scrape The Wall With A Razorblade

Nail polish can be removed using a razor blade if the methods above are ineffective because the polish has dried.

To make the blade slide more readily, try rubbing a cube of ice over the area to be scraped.


You can clean your painted walls with a mixture that includes borax, but it will ruin your wallpaper if you use it on those.

Mix one teaspoon of ammonia and two ounces of borax into two liters of water.

Using upward scrubbing motions, remove as much of the combination as possible off the wall with a clean towel before the unclean water dries.

Wiping down a wall with a rag won’t be effective because of the tiny holes; otherwise, walls with textured surfaces are easy to maintain.

Socks and other items of clothing made from absorbent materials can be helpful for this task.

You can use a pair of old socks instead of a sponge.


In addition to being an excellent lubricant for gears and machines, it may also be used to get nail paint stains out of clothes.

You can clean up the residue by spraying this lubricant on the wall with soapy water and a damp towel.


If you feel that the amount of alcohol used is excessive, you can substitute liquid soap.

How to remove nail polish from walls can be complicated by the material of the wall.

The compound does not stick as hard to the roughness of smooth-finished walls, making cleanup a breeze. The specific ratio will be 2:1, but it will be determined by the surface area you wish to clean.

Is It Possible To Wash Off Nail Polish From A Wall Using Water?

If nothing else is available, water can be utilized to remove nail polish from the wall.

Just moisten a sponge or towel with water and attempt to remove the nail polish from the wall.

Initially, you may not notice much difference, but after repeated attempts, the nail polish will come off the wall without a trace.

Can A Nail Polish Remover Work?

Nail polish remover contains acetone, which will strip the polish and the paint from the walls.

Using nail polish remover is therefore not recommended if you value the longevity of your wall paint or wallpaper.

Wet vs. Dry Nail Polish

Nail polish becomes more challenging to remove the longer it sits without being cleaned.

Nail polish may be removed from walls with little effort if you start wiping it up as soon as it drops.  However, the wall paint may be ruined beyond repair.

Therefore, you should start taking action immediately to lessen the potential damage.


Removing nail polish from walls can be cumbersome, but possible. Yet, prevention is preferable to treatment.

Before painting your nails, lay down a paper towel to absorb any polish.

Always attempt to wipe nail paint spills quickly with a clean cloth and clean water. Use the above instructions to remove nail polish from nearly any surface if it dries!

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