How to Get Grape Juice Out of Clothes; Easy Fix

A few things are as good as sipping a nice glass of tasty grape juice. So accompany this with the skill of how to get grape juice out of clothes.

But if you often find yourself digging into this delight, you may have to deal with serious clothes, carpets, and upholstery stains. It is particularly true for purple or red grape juice.

Have an annoying stain on your favorite wear?

Taking quick action minimizes the chances of lingering forever and makes your work easier. And if you have a Tide to go pen stain remover, I am sure you know how it can be a lifesaver.

Even better, there are simple ways to get around these stains, which also apply to wine stains (typically fermented grape juice).

At the end of this article, you’ll have learned how to keep wine and grape stains behind your back forever. That said, let’s get started on how to get grape juice out of clothes.

Easily fix your grape juice stain with these simple tools and equipment

Soft-bristled brush (optional)

A white cloth or a couple of paper towels

A sink or bucket (optional)

Washing machine

What to consider before the process

You can’t wait to get that disturbing stain out of your shirt. But it’s important to ensure you do everything right to avoid worsening it.

So check the label on the fabric for two good reasons.

For starters, it tells you if the fabric is machine washable. You’ll also know if the fabric is washable or for dry-cleaning. If it reads ‘dry-clean only,’ you must take extra care.

Blot up most of the spilled grape juice using a clean, dry cloth or paper towel. Then find a professional dry cleaner to help out as soon as possible. Don’t forget to point out the stain during the visit.

An alternative is to utilize a home dry cleaning kit. It should incorporate a stain remover; use it to treat the stain. Then put the fabric in the dryer bag.

Properly treating the fabric prevents the stain from setting in.

Steps on how to get grape juice out of clothes

Successfully removing stains is dependent on speed. So act faster with these steps:

Blot out the grape juice spill

You need a white cloth or paper towel to blot the spill. Employ an up-and-down motion and only stop once most of the spill is lifted. You must never rub the spill as it will spread the stain.

Utilize cold water to flush

Next, turn the stained fabric inside out and flush the affected spot from the garment’s back with cold water. Then hold the garment below the sink faucet as the water runs full speed for one or two minutes.

Add the laundry stain remover

A stain remover spray or gel is best for treating the area. Use a soft-bristled brush (an old toothbrush works just fine) or your fingers to work the treatment into the fabric’s fibers gradually.

Chances are that you don’t have a stain remover. But don’t worry; a little heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent can work in its place. This type of detergent has enough enzymes to remove the tannins behind the stain.

Time to allow the stain remover to sit

You’ll have to leave the stain remover on the garment for 15 minutes at the least to help lift the stain.

Rinse the cloth in hot water

Proceed to rinse the stain from the fabric’s backside in hot water from a sink. Turn the water to full speed to push the stain out of the fabric.

Examine the stained spot

At this point, your fabric may be free from the stain. So check the spot for confirmation. If so, launder the cloth as you would normally do. If the stain persists, it’s not the end of the road for you and one of your favorites.

Carry out further treatment to achieve your desired results.

Mix warm water and oxygen-based bleach in a bucket or sink (this bleach doesn’t lift the fabric’s original color like chlorine-based bleach).

Remember to follow the guidelines on the package to use the appropriate amounts.

Soak the stained cloth

Dip the stained fabric in the solution of oxygen-based bleach and let it soak for at least four hours or overnight.

Then check it out—if you still see the stain, rinse in cold water before repeating this step. Launder normally once the stain is no more.

How to get grape juice out of the carpet

It’s not odd for a glass of red to find its way to your lovely carpet. So what to do when this misfortune comes knocking at your door?

Remember that the faster you act, the higher the likelihood of clearing the stain completely. We’ve provided a simple-to-follow procedure below to restore your carpet’s original state.

Mix two cups of warm water with a tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent.

Utilize a clean, white cloth to suck the stain with the above solution.

You must blot until the juice is absorbed.

Keep blotting until the liquid is absorbed.

Use cold water to sponge and blot dry.

Repeat steps two and three until the unsightly stain disappears or can no longer be drawn into the cloth. Persisting stains may need you to mix two cups of warm water and a tablespoon of ammonia. You must never mix ammonia and chlorine bleach, as it is hazardous and can produce life-threatening fumes. Next, sponge the juice spill with the ammonia mixture.

How to get grape juice out of the upholstery

Like your carpet, the upholstery can be another victim of a gone-wrong encounter with grape juice or wine. Be sure not to saturate a couch or chair cushion stain excessively.

It can fill the cushion’s inside and lead to mildew growth or an unpleasant odor. Well, the steps below solve the nightmare.

Blot up the juice spill

Using a white cloth or white paper towels, blot the stain. Start by working from outside the spill and move towards the center to ensure the stain doesn’t spread.

Prepare the cleaning solution

Blend two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar and a half cup of rubbing alcohol in a bowl.

Blot the stain on the fabric

Submerge a white cloth or paper towel in the above mixture and work from the edges to blot the stain. Ensure you move to a clean section of the cloth each time as the transfer of the grape juice to the cloth happens.

Work gradually, focusing on one spot at a time. You should treat and blot the stain until no more stain is visible.

Rinse the affected spot

Do this by using a clean sponge submerged in cold water. Blot the whole area to clear any remaining residues of the cleaning solution.

Examine for remaining stains

Examine for any lingering traces of the stain. Air-dry if the stain is gone. But if you notice a mark, the next step will help.

Use oxygen-based bleach for treatment

Follow the package directions to mix the oxygen-based bleach and water. Sponge this mixture onto the stain and let it work for one hour at least.

Then use a clean cloth to blot dry. Repeat the step until all juice traces disappear.


Grape juice stains can ruin a nice outfit. But not anymore! The above simple steps can help you turn back the hands of time and make your clothes look as good as before.

Besides, you only need household items that are already available.

So, now you know how to get grape juice out of clothes and what to do when another stain ends on your clothes, carpet, or upholstery.

Finally, you can treat yourself to as many glasses of sweet grape juice as you want without worrying about stains!

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