How to Clean TOMS Canvas Shoes

You can separate many things except a pair of TOMS and summer. These shoes can spice up any weekend or classy outfit without much effort. How to clean TOMS Canvas shoes is an essential skill.

Their unrivaled comfort is also a plus. Still, maintaining clean and fresh TOMS takes more than air drying. So, can you wash TOMS shoes? 

The comfy pair may require water dips occasionally to keep them looking as fine as day one. Even better, it’s easy and shouldn’t waste much of your valuable time. 

This article takes you through how to clean TOMS canvas shoes and keep them smelling fresh year in and out.

Can you wash TOMS shoes?

The TOMS website recommends hand washing the classic pairs in cold water with a gentle detergent before letting them air dry. However, the company discourages shoe owners from placing TOMS in a dryer.

Even the lowest dryer setting can damage its sole. 

What you need

A small brush (an old toothbrush should work)

Laundry detergent 

Mixing bowl

Baking soda


Washing machine

How to Clean Smelly TOMS 

It’s not odd to end up with smelly TOMS in your shoe rack. It is especially true if you wear them barefoot with sweaty feet.

Unfortunately, stinky shoes and feet make you uncomfortable and can embarrass you if you remove them publicly.

But luckily, this is something you can undo with the help of your washing machine and a few supplies. Note that without practicing caution, a washer can ruin your footwear.

So follow the procedure carefully to avoid the risk of damage. It works for any canvas shoes you own, regardless of their brand, color, and fabric. 

The pre-wash stage

It’s easier to let your machine do all the work–but you shouldn’t for better results! So start using an old toothbrush to remove dirt or debris before washing. It makes stain removal more straightforward and fosters a more successful wash. 

Any bad stains will require pre-treating with a laundry stain remover.

The thumb rule is to try it on a small area first to ensure it won’t bleach your shoe. Then pay attention to the soles to make them clean.

Put some baking soda into a bowl and equal water, and mix to create a paste. Dip the toothbrush in the paste and use it to massage the sole.

Then wipe them clean using a soft cloth when done. 

How to Clean TOMS Canvas Shoes With a Washing Machine

Simple steps to follow

Run a gentle cycle with cold water.

Put a gentle detergent to the cycle when it’s about half-filled with water (using half the amount you’d typically use is advisable).

Add the pair when the machine is three-quarters full. 

Once the cycle is finished, take out the shoes and leave them to air dry. (Never dry them in the dryer or over a vent: the result will likely be shrunken or shriveled shoes)

Let the sun dry the shoes. 

Just like that, you can refreshen your pair of TOMS

Now, you must maintain the freshness using shoe powder to prevent the smelly disaster from creeping in again.

Choosing one that mainly absorbs odor and moisture is best. Pure baking soda often seems like an excellent fit—but it isn’t. It will unapologetically dry out the leather insole.

Fortunately, a little DIY can save you money while providing what you need precisely.

You’ll require 1 cup of cornstarch (ideal for its gentle absorbent abilities), half-cup baking soda, and half-cup baking powder. Then put these contents in a Ziploc bag or locking-lid container. 

Incorporate five drops of lavender, sage, or other essential oil. It’s also preferable to have an antibacterial property to them. Finish by shaking it well and storing it in the locked container. 

For application, be sure to powder your TOMs overnight and dump the powder in the AM hours. Also, add the powder to your feet as necessary during the day to minimize moisture and odors. 

It’s not enough to know how to clean smelly TOMS; you must know more ways to keep your beloved pair smelling fresh throughout the year. 

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Fresh-Smelling Canvas Shoes

Give your feet a thorough clean

Whether in a hurry or not, ensure you dry your feet well before wearing your TOMS. 

Be sure to sprinkle your DIY powder above as recommended. 

You can also fill the TOMS pair with a balled sheet of newspaper to absorb any funny odors. 

Rubbing alcohol can help

Use rubbing alcohol and a cloth to wipe the inner soles of your TOMS to kill the bacteria-causing agents. 

Dried herbs for the smell

Fill your TOMS with sachets of dried herbs to cut the funk. Various options include peppermint, eucalyptus, or antibacterial cedar chips. 

Don’t put on TOMS two days in a row.

It can be tempting to wear a pair of comfortable TOMS consecutively–but don’t! After wearing TOMS, air them on the windowsill or porch before relaunching them. They can quickly produce a dreadful stink if not allowed to dry out properly.

Wear your TOMS with socks.

You have two options. Wear a clean pair of cotton socks with your TOMS or have to find ways of counteracting sweat and odor throughout your day without them.

The former is effortless and naturally absorbs funk and sweat. Choose well-designed, hidden socks, which should be easy to find.

The latter needs you to keep applying powder as required (this could cut into the fun and entertainment). But remember to change and wash your socks regularly. 

Get new soles often

Opt for a new pair of insoles when you can no longer contain the smelly situation.

TOMS leather insoles can not only be removed but changed too. Although the company doesn’t make replacement insoles, you have plenty of substitutes in the market.

New insoles stop bad smells and help you turn to a new page of fresh and clean shoes. Remove the leather inner soles from your TOMS to begin.

Then utilize it as a template when cutting insoles for the replacements.

While replacing your insoles with another leather pair is usually the first thing in mind, choosing a deodorizing insole could promise far better results.

An option is cedar wood insoles, which suck up sweat efficiently. Besides, cedar naturally safeguards against foot fungus. 

Utilize deodorizing products in the market

Plenty of shoe and foot deodorizing products exist to make your sweaty feet more manageable.

Options include deodorizing powders with antibacterial features, foot sprays, and products you can put in your TOMS. 


Your comfy TOMS are the perfect footwear for almost any outdoor activity. However, wearing them excessively and barefoot can have repercussions.

The good news is that you have learned how to clean TOMS canvas shoes and keep them smelling fresh with several tips.

Even better, you’ll use household items that you probably already have. Can we break it to you? You and your TOMS are now unstoppable!

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