How To Clean Nike Slides Made of Different Materials

For decades, Nike Slides and Jerseys have been a standard. This is from locker rooms, training rooms, and closets of athletes and non-athletes. A staple like that will become grimy and worn over time and require periodic cleaning. Since you have just figured out how to get stains off your jersey how about how to clean Nike slides?

High school and collegiate athletes may easily slip Nike slides on for errands or after a race or game, and they are among the most comfortable slides available.

So, depending on the material of your Nike Slides, this post explains how to clean Nike slides.

Durability + Practicality = Overused Slides

When you finally find a pair of stylish and functional shoes, you tend to wear them a lot. One or two pairs of shoes like that can be found in almost anyone’s wardrobe.

Most of us have some stashed away in our vehicles, gym bags, or right outside our homes.

Nike Slides Should Be Cleaned According To Their Material

Nike Slides come in various materials; it is essential to identify your type before attempting to clean them. For instance, the foam in the shower shoes must be cut up.

They were developed to become wet. Thus, submerging these Slides will not damage them in any way. Memory foam pillows and mats are not meant to be submerged.

Cleaning Your Nike Slides

You probably are not unfamiliar with Nike shower shoes if you went to college and had to slog across or down the hall with your shower caddy.

No one would want to go barefoot in a shared bathroom with a shower.

Materials Needed for Cleaning

Baking soda


Warm water

Soft cloth

Use the following steps to clean your Nike Slides.

Run your Slides under tepid water to wet their surfaces. Be sure to wet the footbed and underside, particularly if the soles are perforated.

Sprinkle baking soda all over your Slides. They should appear white-coated.

Use the toothbrush to scrub the Slides in a circular motion. Alternatively, if the baking soda is not creating a thin paste, you can continue scrubbing by dipping your toothbrush into tepid water.

Let it sit for about 5 minutes. The baking soda will have sufficient time to eliminate any odors from the shoes.

Thoroughly rinse your Slides under running tepid water.

Allow the Slides to air-dry. You can moisten a soft cloth and clean the shoes if any residue remains.

How To Clean Leather Nike Slides

Leather Nike Slides look and feel timeless and easy. They go well with almost anything, from jeans to a skirt to a sundress. Leather Nike Slides may be cleaned quickly and easily, but prolonged submersion in water might ruin the material.

It is a lot like cleaning a pair of leather sneakers.

Therefore, to maintaining their prime condition and pristine appearance requires only a few simple materials and a minimal investment of time.

Keep in mind that genuine leather is entirely organic. Mild washing and conditioning will yield the finest results.

Materials Needed for Cleaning

A gentle detergent and some hot water

Tender Fabrics

Conditioner for leather shoes

A pinch of baking soda

You can begin cleaning once you have amassed the necessary supplies. These are the recommended cleaning procedures for Nike Leather Slides.

Steps to follow:

Remove any dust or debris from the Slides by wiping them down.

Moisten a sponge and put in some mild detergent to clean it. You should not use excessive amounts of soap or water. Only use a small amount to clean your Nike Slides.

To clean the shoes, use the cloth in a soft circular motion.

Extra soap can be removed with a second, slightly moist cloth that has not been treated with soap.

To condition your leather shoes, use the product as the manufacturer directs. There are topical balms and sprays.

Quick Note:

If your leather Nike Slides have a strong odor, you can seal them in a bag for the night and then wash them as described above.

The baking soda ought to make things smell nice and clean. Have fun wearing your Slides, which are light, airy, and simply stylish.

How To Clean Nike Slides With Magic and Memory Foam

You can find memory foam in a wide variety of modern goods.

Pillows, beds, and footwear all feature it.

How it molds to the shape of your foot makes for a very comfortable insole. Your memory foam slides are now among your favorite shoes because they are comfortable.

Cleaning memory foam need no longer be mysterious, so relax.

Maintaining the slides’ fantastic looks and comfortable feel is simple.

Although some manufacturers do, many do not advise letting memory foam slides get completely soaked. They suggest a special kind of treatment for these slides.

Materials Needed for Cleaning

Warm water

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Baking soda (optional)

 Memory foam slides may be easily cleaned with water and a soft cloth. Follow these simple steps, and your sandals will be clean in no time with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser:

First, ensure no dry or lingering dirt on your slides.

In a bowl of hot water, put in the magic eraser.

Rub it in!

Quick Note:

One advantage of this procedure is that no soaking or submerging is necessary.

Memory foam slides can be treated in the same way that leather sandals are if they start to smell.

To remove eraser marks off shoes, soak them in a sealed bag of baking soda overnight. The baking soda should absorb any lingering smells in your shoes.


This post relieved some of your stress about whether or not to toss your favorite sandals due to their filth and odor.

If you know how to clean your Nike slides fast, you can make them last longer and avoid becoming that person in the gym, store, or mall whose shoes give off a putrid odor and draw stares from passers-by.

The history of Nike slides is deep. Since they will not go away soon, you should rotate them frequently to keep them looking their best.

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