How To Clean Bird Poop Off Concrete

Unexpected messes like bird poop on our concrete surfaces can happen anywhere, and scrubbing it off can be stressful. So how about figuring out how to clean bird poop off concrete?

No one wants the unsightly stains that come with bird poop on their driveway or patio.

Removing bird poop from concrete surfaces might not be as easy as you think. In this article, we’ll provide simple steps and safe products that’ll make your outdoor characters look good as new without the unsightly stains.

Removing bird poop from concrete surfaces doesn’t have to be a chore whether your patio is new or showing its age. So let’s get started!

We’ll provide tips on how to do it in a way that’s gentle on your concrete surfaces while still being effective.

Why Bird Poop Stains Concrete

Have you ever glanced up at the sky only to find that pesky birds have decided your concrete patio was a good spot for a bathroom break? Or at times on your well-cleaned galvanized metal.

With suitable materials and processes, you can quickly and easily remove bird poop from your concrete surfaces.

But before we jump into removing the stains, it’s essential to understand why their poop causes staining.

Bird droppings contain uric acid that can cause permanent staining if not appropriately cleaned. So if you notice fresh poop on your concrete surfaces, it’s essential to treat it quickly with suitable materials.

It will prevent further damage to your outdoor spaces and ensure they look fresh and clean!

Tools and Supplies Needed to Clean Bird Poop off Concrete

You need the right tools and supplies when cleaning bird poop off the concrete. Here is a list of tools that you will need:

Pressure Washer:

A pressure washer cleans the bird droppings quickly and easily off the concrete. It will blast the dirt and grime away, leaving your concrete sparkling clean.


For tougher stains, you’ll want to apply a robust solution of bleach and water in a ratio of 1:4. Use the solution to clean the surface with a brush or sponge.

Let it sit for at least 15 minutes before rinsing with a garden hose or pressure washer. And often, after using bleach, it might leave behind a lingering smell; try to get the smell out.

Scrub Brush:

A scrub brush can help break down bird droppings on concrete surfaces if you don’t have access to a pressure washer.

Wear protective gloves when dealing with droppings since they may contain infectious bacteria if not treated properly.

Disinfectant Spray:

After cleaning the surface of your concrete patio with either a pressure washer or scrub brush, spray the entire area with disinfectants to avoid being affected in case there are any lingering germs from the bird droppings.

It will help keep your outdoor space safe and clean for you and visitors alike.

Scrub the Bird Droppings off the Concrete Surface

Removing bird droppings from concrete surfaces isn’t as complicated as you think. The key is acting quickly and using suitable materials and techniques to get it off safely.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to scrub bird poop off concrete without damaging the surface.

You should follow the following steps when you clean bird poop off concrete:

To remove debris or loose dirt, sweep or vacuum the area with a broom or vacuum cleaner. It will make the scrubbing process easier.

If necessary, create a cleaning solution using warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent or natural soap.

Apply the cleaning solution onto the surface and let it sit for some minutes before cleaning it with a soft brush.

Rinse off the cleaning solution with more warm water and let it dry before tackling any of those tough, caked-on stains that may remain.

If these stains do not come off quickly, mix vinegar or baking soda with your cleaning solution for an extra power boost.

Finally, use an environmentally friendly cleaner formulated for outdoor surfaces like concrete before finishing with a final warm water rinse.

Use a Degreaser or Detergent to Loosen the Remaining Stain

For the more stubborn bird poop stains, you’ll need to use a degreaser or detergent to loosen them up.

Pour some of the degreasers on the surface and scrub the stain away with a wire brush or an abrasive sponge. Doing it a few times would ensure the stain is gone.

Besides, using a degreaser will also help remove any oil stains left behind or those that require some extra elbow grease.

For added effectiveness, mix the degreaser with baking soda and let it sit overnight. You can then use it in the morning to rub the stains with a stiffer brush and rinse it with water.

Rinse the Area Thoroughly With Water

Once you remove the bird poop stain, rinse the area with clean water.

It is essential since it will help ensure that no residue or debris is left behind and that your concrete surface is clean and free from potential damage.

To rinse the area effectively, you’ll need to:

Use a low-pressure garden hose and spray the area for a few minutes to remove any remaining bird poop residue and particles.

Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies of the concrete surface to remove all debris from the area thoroughly.

After rinsing, use a mop or cloth to remove excess water from the surface.

Allow plenty of time for the area to dry before using it again or applying any sealant or protective coating.

Do a thorough rinse

Rinsing with water helps remove any leftover debris from bird poop stains.

It prevents cracking or other damages caused by moisture build-up in the future. Additionally, it helps keep your concrete surface in excellent condition for extended periods.

Apply a Concrete Sealer to Prevent Future Stains

You’ll want to apply a concrete sealer to ensure these pesky stains don’t return.

Concrete sealers form a barrier on the surface, making it much harder for bird poop to stick around. It also acts as a protective coating against harmful UV rays and weather conditions.

Applying a sealer is a great way to maintain and protect your concrete surfaces from future stains.

Here’s how:

Thoroughly clean the surface with an appropriate cleaner, such as a degreaser or detergent designed for cleaning concrete.

Apply an even coat of sealer to the surface using a brush, roller, or pump sprayer.

Ensure you thoroughly cover all areas and allow proper drying time before use, which will vary depending on product instructions.

Once dried, recoat as needed per instructions on the product label for complete protection against bird poop stains.

Final Thoughts; How to clean bird poop off concrete

Removing bird poop stains from concrete surfaces is a straightforward task that doesn’t require too much effort.

All you need is the proper cleaning solution, which should be something that won’t damage the concrete.

Mixing baking soda and water is an excellent option for removing stubborn bird poop without any fuss.

You can opt for more robust solutions like vinegar and baking soda if there’s still a stain after using the soda and water mixture.

Apply the mixture to the surface for a few minutes before wiping it away.

No matter your solution, you must protect yourself with gloves, goggles, and a mask, as bird poop can harm your health.

And remember to rinse the surface when you are done, as some solutions can cause discoloration.

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