Best Laundry Detergents For Septic Systems; Protect your Septic Tank

Ready to have your whites whiter and your colors brighter? Tackling laundry is one of the monotonous tasks you must do weekly. From finding the perfect laundry detergent to descaling your washing machine, and now finding the best laundry detergents for septic systems.

With a good system in place, it keeps your laundry smelling fresh and looking clean.

Still, finding a suitable detergent for your washing machine can sometimes be challenging and daunting when using a septic system.

Your septic tank works hard to keep you and your family healthy by utilizing bacteria to break down waste.

The wrong laundry detergent can disrupt this balanced ecosystem, leading to backups or worse.

Luckily, there are laundry detergents specifically designed for septic systems that won’t harm the delicate balance required for a functioning system; now, it’s time to know where to look.

Look for Detergents Specifically Formulated for Septic Systems

Are you tired of buying different laundry detergents for different situations? Switching to septic-friendly detergent could be perfect.

These detergents are formulated with safe ingredients usable on septic systems, so they won’t clog your drain or damage your pipes.

Consider these factors when choosing a septic-friendly laundry detergent:

Low levels of foaming agents

Suds in your washer can clog the pipes in your septic system. Therefore, opt for detergents with low levels of surfactants and foaming agents to reduce the amount of suds.

Biodegradable ingredients

These include baking soda, Borax, and enzymes. They break down quickly and don’t leave behind any residue that can build up in pipes or damage the environment.

High levels of rinsing

Choose a laundry detergent that rinses off clothes well to reduce the risk of leaving residues on your clothes or pipes.

By looking for these features when choosing a laundry detergent that is septic safe, you’ll protect your system from blockages, buildup, and damage while keeping your clothes as clean as ever.

Choose Powder Over Liquid Detergent

When choosing a laundry detergent for your septic system, powder is always better.

It is more economical than liquid detergent and produces fewer suds, which is ideal for septic tanks.

Powder detergents are more effortless to break down than their liquid counterparts.

It means they won’t clog up and cause buildup over time. In addition, powder detergents have fewer chemicals, making them less likely to cause irritation on your skin and damage the environment.

Looking for suitable laundry detergents for septic systems?

Select a powder formula designed explicitly for them.

Look for one with enzymes that help dissolve the tough stains. Always follow the manufacturer’s dosing instructions, as over-dosing can lead to too many suds forming in the drain field lines and clogging up your system.

Avoid Bleach and Phosphates

You should settle for a detergent free of bleach and phosphates.

Many liquid detergents include additives like bleach or phosphates to boost cleaning properties, but these can wreak havoc on the bacteria in your septic system that help break down waste.

That’s why choosing a septic-safe laundry detergent is essential since it is free of additives.

Watch out for these things when shopping for a septic-safe laundry detergent:

Low or no enzymes

Enzymes are proteins that help clean clothes but can damage your septic tank if not used in moderation. Look for detergents with low levels of enzymes or none at all.

No artificial fragrances

Artificial fragrances and dyes can clog your tanks, so opt for natural scents like essential oils instead.

Low sudsing

Detergents with lots of sudsing agents can be tough on tanks, so try to find something with gentle sudsing agents instead.

Corrosive chemicals

Avoid anything made with corrosive chemicals. These usually don’t play nice with pipes and tanks!

Consider Enzyme-Based or Natural Detergents

Looking for a pro tip on knowing the best laundry detergent to use? Consider enzyme-based or natural detergents.

The former contains microbes that break down the dirt and grease from your laundry instead of harming your septic system with harsh, chemical-based ingredients.

Natural detergents contain plant-derived ingredients, like coconut or palm oil, making them gentler on your septic tank than traditional options.

When choosing the best detergent for your septic system, look for these signs:

Low sudsing

Low sudsing detergents create fewer suds that can clog up the drainage areas of your septic tank.


Highly perfumed detergents can cause anaerobic bacteria in the septic tank to die off.


A biodegradable laundry detergent disintegrates naturally, leaving no toxic residue in the tank.

Your septic system is essential, so select a laundry detergent that won’t harm it.

Consider an enzyme-based or natural detergent with low sudsing, fragrance-free, and biodegradable qualities to help keep your system healthy.

Septic-Safe Laundry Detergent Recommendations

A septic system manages your home’s waste but requires special care and attention.

One important thing to remember regarding maintaining this system is to be mindful of what goes in it, including laundry detergent.

To make sure that you’re using an appropriate laundry detergent for a septic system, here are some septic-safe recommendations:

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Powder Detergent

A powder detergent formulated with fewer ingredients than regular Tide, so it’s gentle on septic tanks and won’t cause clogs or backups.

All Free Clear Liquid Detergent

This hypoallergenic liquid detergent is tough on stains, gentle on the environment, and safe for your septic tank.

Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent

This natural liquid detergent is made without phosphates or chlorine bleach, and it has low sudsing action, so there’s no worry of an overflowing septic system.

These options are ideal for protecting the septic tank from potential damage caused by harsh chemicals. While they cost more than regular choices, they are worth it in the long run!

Additional Tips for Septic System Maintenance

While using the best laundry detergent is a great place to start, you must go the extra mile for a tip-top septic system. Below are additional tips that will help safeguard the system and keep it running smoothly for years to come:

Remove Unwanted Liquids and Solids

Reduce the amount of solids that make their way into your septic system.

Avoid flushing anything like tissues, paper towels, cotton balls, and diapers, as these items can quickly build up and cause blockages. Make sure all cooking oils and fats are disposed of properly. Never put them down the drain!

Monitor Your Water Usage

Your septic system must handle the amount of water used in your home. So watch out for your household’s daily water usage, being mindful of sudden spikes that could throw off the system’s balance.

Have Regular Inspections & Pump-Outs

It’s best to have a professional inspection and pump out your home’s septic tank every three to five years, depending on local recommendations and household size.

It will help prevent backups, clogs, or other issues with your system. Regular maintenance can also extend your septic tank’s lifespan, saving you money.


A list of organic, biodegradable detergents is explicitly made for septic systems. But always check the labels to ensure the detergent contains no ingredients that may harm your septic system.

Using the right laundry detergent for your septic system is essential for keeping it in top condition.

The best product ensures your septic system stays healthy and your laundry stays clean. You can protect your septic tank and enjoy fresh laundry for years with the right detergent.

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